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20 February 2012   Property transfer tax of 7% to 8%
In Andalucía, the transfer tax for properties increased from 7% to 8%, rising to 9% for the transfer of property with a value between 400,000 € and 700,000 € and 10% for the transfer of property with a value above € 70... more
Granada still serves tapas like it was supposed to be served - free of charge, one for each drink you buy. Combine your tapas tour with shopping during the Winter Sale starting the 7th of January and you will have a wo... more
19 December 2011   Nativity Scene in Granada
From the 16th December 2011 until the 5th January 2012 you can visit the municipal Belén which is one of the largest Nativity Scenes in Granada, it is in the patio of the Town hall which is located on the Plaza ... more
Granada Jazz Festival 12 – 20th November

The programme for this year’s Jazz festival has just been announced; please take a look at the link for further information about dates, times and performances.... more

The Spanish government has reduced the VAT on new build houses from 8% to 4% in the hope that it will boost the sales of new build properties. This reduction will apply until the end of 2011.

Another spectacular ballet flamenco performance about the poems of
Federico García Lorca interpretated and Choreographed by Eva Yerbabuena.

Tickets can be purchased from El Corte Inglés, the ... more
The Fiesta of Santa Ana in Restábal begins on 22 – 26 July. It opens with the Flamenco festival on the 22 July which starts at 22.30h. For other events during the weekend please take a look at the programm... more
From the 1st of July the temporary speed limits that were introduced on the 7th of March will be lifted and motorists will once again be able to drive at 120km/h.

The government says petrol prices have now... more
13 June 2011   Jazz en la costa
Jazz en la Costa 17 to 23 July

Every year there is an International Jazz concert in Almuñecar in Parque El Majuelo, with different artists perfoming each evening. Concerts start at 22.30 and tickets cost 15... more
Easter is one of the most popular religious festivals in Spain and is quite spectacular. During this week you can see daily processions in Granada. Traditionally men and boys carry huge floats on their shoulders which ... more
This fair takes place every year, it started 9 years ago with the object of promoting tourism in the region. During this week in different restaurants you will be able to taste authentic dishes with oranges and lemons&... more
Airport workers in Spain have called off 22 days of strikes which threatened to cause major disruption over the Easter holidays and continuing throughout the summer.

Union members voted to cancel the strik... more

British Airways is going to launch a direct flight from London City airport to Malaga from 7 June 2011. The flight will operate 4 times a week.

Politicians in Spain have decided to lower the national speed limit to 65mph (110 kilometres per hour) from the current 74mph (120kph), this is due to soaring oil prices bought on by unrest in Libya.
The new spe... more
23 February 2011   Dia de Andalucía
The ‘Day of Andalucia’ signifies the importance of the Statute of the autonomous community with values of freedom, justice, equality and political pluralism within a framework of other autonomous communitie... more
23 February 2011   Flamenco - Casa de Lino Nigüelas

Saturday 26th February 22:00 h

Performance by Cuadro Flamenco Sara "La Samarrona"

Location: Casa de Lino C/ del Agua, Nigüelas

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01 July 2007   New Office
We are very happy to announce that the doors to our new office in Restabal are open. You can find us on the right hand side just before you enter the village of Restabal on the Melegis to Restabal road. Our address is:... more